Government Security Clearances – Baseline, NV1/NV2Image

Government Security Clearances – Baseline, NV1/NV2

We all know that most (if not all) Federal Government agencies seeking new hires require at least Baseline security. We also know that to obtain this security one is required to have a job within a government agency.

From our vast experience most candidates seem to be faced with the chicken-versus-egg paradox. You simply can’t get a security clearance without a job and (seemingly) you can get a (contract) job without a security clearance.


So, (supposedly) if you don’t have a security clearance, you’re bound to perceive the whole arrangement as unfair. As a respected recruiter on a variety of Government panels, we just cannot consider non-security cleared applicants for roles that require security clearances because the security clearances normally take between 3 – 12 months to obtain. Additionally, we cannot submit an application into the Government job portal without a certified clearance.

Federal government agencies are much more likely to put a new permanent employee through the federal government security clearance process than they are for a new contractor.

In Canberra, employers expect their contractors to already have security clearances, again, Chicken or egg?

You can’t secure a clearance until to secure the position! Or so they say!

BSI People have a solution.

We have a partner that not only can sponsor and maintain the clearance with you, but they can also process the clearance in about half the time.

This means you can hold in your pocket (so to speak) a security clearance for whatever position you apply for via any agency. You won’t be restricted.

Contact BSI People for more information and an introduction to our partner who is an active member of the Australian Industry and Defence Network.