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HR Solutions

We offer a range of HR solutions that include:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing to give you specialist assistance without the headcount
  • outplacement services to help staff members transition following redundancy or termination
  • candidate testing to check relevant skills, aptitude and behaviour
  • employment screening to validate work experience, education and personal details
  • medicals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our Outsourced Talent Acquisition Service (OTAS) gives you a competitive edge. It reduces recruitment headcount and provides you with the expertise, contacts and market knowledge to secure the best candidates.

Available as an onsite or offsite resource, our holistic OTAS solutions are designed to meet all your recruitment needs, from job brief through to on-boarding, quickly and efficiently. Our clear, streamlined procedures are mapped to your exact needs, ensuring excellent working relationships and superior outcomes.

Outplacement services

When your staff are impacted by redundancy, you want to give them support to stay positive and develop the skills to transition to a new role or direction.

Our outplacement and career management services are tailored to each situation, with three different levels of support available. The programs are tactfully delivered by a team of organisational psychologists and HR professionals with extensive experience in government and corporate businesses.

We also offer pre-retrenchment consulting and training to prepare you for the challenges ahead, and post redundancy services to help you consolidate and support remaining staff.

Candidate testing

Our range of premium candidate testing services ensures your employees, whether new or established, have the right skills, attitudes and aptitudes to make a positive contribution to your organisation.

  • Skills testing and verification

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we can test and verify an individual’s skills in all areas of business. The assessments are available in varying levels of expertise from basic to advanced and cover clerical, software, industrial, healthcare, financial and technical capabilities.

  • Behavioural assessments

To help your team improve their workplace relationships and effectiveness, we run in-depth behavioural assessments. These tests help employees and their managers understand typical workplace behaviours and how to use this knowledge to improve different situations.

  • Employment screening

We understand you need to be confident in the abilities of your potential new hires. We offer reliable employment screening to confirm the legitimacy of a candidate’s background including:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Identity Check
  • Education Qualification Verification (highest qualification)
  • Employment History Verification (per employer)
  • Directorships


We can easily arrange medicals for your employees and candidates and get the assessment to you quickly.

For further information on our HR Services, or to discuss your needs in more depth, please get in touch with us.


  • Recruitment

    We only serve industry sectors and positions that our consultants have a deep understanding of and experience with. We cover executive, permanent and contract positions in multiple  areas. 

  • Payroll

    Our payroll management services allow you to outsource this key but complex function to seasoned experts and free up your resources. We’ll ensure your payroll paperwork, payments and insurances are completed efficiently and to compliance standards.

  • ICT Project Services

    Let us provide skilled contract teams for your next ICT project, rollout or deployment. Our screened talent pool includes specialists in the areas of application development, infrastructure, project and support services, and governance and strategy.

  • HR Services

    Our range of HR Solutions give you experienced professional support right across your business. Provided either in-house or offsite, our services include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), HR & legislation advice, outplacement, candidate testing, employment screening and medicals.