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​Our Process

Our established recruitment process ensures we understand the key criteria and unique competencies each role requires to uncover the best talent fit.

Our experienced consultants save you the time-consuming task of reviewing mountains of applications and qualifying the best candidates for the position.

We will share our qualified talent pools of long-term trusted candidates - both passive and active job seekers - with you. You will have less paperwork to deal with and only suitable candidate interviews to juggle to find the right match.

Your access to our global recruitment network and our in-depth knowledge of the current market trends ensure you secure the right candidate in a timely and efficient manner.

Our approach

Our ‘right fit’ philosophy extends throughout our organisation. We only employ consultants with a minimum of five years’ experience in their sector. They will build a trusted and lasting relationship with you based on regular communication, attention to detail and expert knowledge in finding the best quality candidates for your organisation.

Our customised, client-centric approach to recruitment is tailored to suit each organisation. Our consultants will:

  • spend time with you to get to know your business strategy and workplace culture

  • confirm the key competencies and success criteria for the role

  • create a candidate 'blue print' to benchmark the experience, skills and cultural fit you are looking for

  • search a wide range of fresh talent sources such as our partner networks, talent pools, online and social networks, referrals and our extensive database

  • provide a shortlist of quality candidates using our proven screening and selection process (including optional psychometric and skills testing). We include questions on culture, behaviour and technical expertise when we screen candidates to identify the key attributes and competencies that will translate into a successful hire

  • manage the whole recruitment process through to candidate salary negotiation, reference checks, on-boarding, post placement review and feedback to free up your time for your core business tasks.

Our recruitment process is underpinned by frequent and open communication so you are always up-to-date and we can react quickly to any changes to your requirements.

For further insights into our recruitment approach, and how it works for our clients, visit our client testimonials page.

If you need a reliable and passionate recruitment agency to help you fill your technology roles, please get in touch with us.


  • Recruitment

    We only serve industry sectors and positions that our consultants have a deep understanding of and experience with. We cover executive, permanent and contract positions in multiple  areas. 

  • Payroll

    Our payroll management services allow you to outsource this key but complex function to seasoned experts and free up your resources. We’ll ensure your payroll paperwork, payments and insurances are completed efficiently and to compliance standards.

  • ICT Project Services

    Let us provide skilled contract teams for your next ICT project, rollout or deployment. Our screened talent pool includes specialists in the areas of application development, infrastructure, project and support services, and governance and strategy.

  • HR Services

    Our range of HR Solutions give you experienced professional support right across your business. Provided either in-house or offsite, our services include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), HR & legislation advice, outplacement, candidate testing, employment screening and medicals.