Case Study - International Telecommunications Manufacturer, Master Vendor Recruitment

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The Client

The client, an international telecommunications manufacturer, provides carriers and large businesses with the opportunity to outsource their telecommunications infrastructure needs. The client needed to initiate a master vendor relationship to urgently recruit 300+ highly-skilled technical engineering and other professionals over a 3 month period, for a critical national project.

The Challenge

This was a particularly challenging assignment as the clients organisation was undergoing significant growth in a new market where the right technical talent was increasingly difficult to find. They needed an agency that fully understood their recruitment needs and could manage the recruitment lifecycle internally and externally in order to meet very specific job specification requirements. Previous recruitment agencies employed by the company did not have the specialist expertise and knowledge for sourcing suitable candidates in this particular space.

Our Solution

A number of agencies tendered for this particular assignment, however BSI People were able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the specific skills and expertise required for the assignment, and based on this capability were chosen as the Master Vendor Supplier for the full lifecycle recruitment. BSI People quickly gained a full understanding of the business structure and the issues they faced. BSI People’s consulting team therefore started work immediately with consultants on client site nationally, sourcing candidates via multiple channels. The methodology used to find the best qualified professionals was a combination of database search and advertising both online and offline, strategic networking and utilising other specialists.

BSI People provided a strong shortlist of candidates and carried out its screening process to assess levels of technical competency and personality fit. At the end of the project all roles were successfully filled within the agreed timescales and budget specified.

The Result

As a result of BSI’s approach of consulting in detail with the client about what “the real job spec” was as well as thorough and speedy assessment and selection of candidates by the consulting team the client was pleased with the quality and efficiency of the service and since this particular assignment, BSI has continued a 7+ year strong relationship with the client, sourcing and payrolling their resources.